Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: Skip*Hop Zoo Mitts

We bought a few of these Skip*Hop Zoo Mitts (penguins, of course, and ducks) a couple months ago and gave them a good long trial before we reviewed them.  There are some things we immediately loved and some things that we immediately didn't.

We love the designs.  If you have the SkipHop backpacks or lunch boxes you'll be happy to see most, but not all of your favorite designs recreated for bathtime (if you have the kitten, bee or owl be prepared to substitute the ducky mitt).

The texture is a good compromise between soft and scrubby.  They seem to get softer with additional washing.  Other than some fading on the cotton print trim, the colors have stayed very vibrant (even when dried on high heat). 

I don't love the hooks or the price ($10 for one mitt and one hook).  Also the suction cup hooks don't stay up on anything.  Maybe they would stay put on very large glossy tile (4" square or larger) - which we don't have - but having tested them, they don't stay put on: glossy painted cabinets, enamel cabinets, stainless steel or glass.  They constantly fall down.  Even with nothing hanging on them.  So often that we stopped putting them back up and eventually just threw them away.  I would be happy to see them take the suction cup hook out of the set and drop the price a little (under $8).  $8 would still be steep for a washcloth, but it's cute and themed and if it gets Tot #1 to jump in the bathtub then I'll run with it.

All in all, these are expensive for what they are, but the actual character washcloth is nice, appealing to toddlers and well made.

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