Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Favs - Mittens with Universal Thumbs

So if you've ever gotten a toddler ready to go outside on a cold day, you know how much it sucks to find a matching pair of mittens.  And to get the toddlers thumbs into the thumb holes.  Oh yeah, and if you lose a mitten you're $5-$10 out of luck for the pair.

Enter the Columbia Mt. Hood Fleece Toddler Mitten ($8).  They feature a "universal thumb" so you never have to worry about finding a left mitten and a right mitten.  Plus the thumb is generously sized so it is easy to put them on a toddler.

The fleece is mid-weight so it is nice and soft, while being flexible enough that kids can hold a sippy cup or lovey while wearing them.   Since they are fleece they also dry quickly and a breathable enough to keep toddler hands from getting clammy.

Skip the infant size and go straight to the toddler size.  They will be a little big, but you can tuck the extra up the sleeve of their coat..

They come in a few other fun colors:  red, bright pink, bright turquoise, black, light violet and sweetpea (a wintergreen-like color).

We have three pairs of these for each of the tots and love them.  I've donated all our other mittens to Room to Grow.  We drop them off at our local Petit Bateau or mail them in (54 West 21st Street, #401 New York, NY 10010), but you can also schedule a pick-up (if you have more than just mittens to donate).