Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brr! It's getting cold outside!

Ok, so up until today (which is 63 degrees) it has been getting progressively colder in NYC. It was cold enough that last week I broke out the winter gear - hats, mittens, boots, coats and "bundlers." This week is devoted to some of my favorite winter gear.

As a bit of background, I'm originally from Minnesota so a New York winter is a little bit like a really cruel joke. It gets good and cold, snows a little and then it rains and rains and rains. So not only are you cold, but you (and everyone you're toting around) are good and wet. Because cold, wet moms, babies and toddlers are so much fun. Really.

So let's be realistic. A snowsuit in New York City is overkill. It rarely gets cold enough to warrant having one take up that much storage space in your front hall closet (that is if you're lucky enough to even HAVE a front hall closet). Also, if you're going outside you're probably not going to be out long enough to need it - a quick walk here or there and then back home. But you do need something - because they'll kick off that stroller blanket lickety split as soon as you step out the door and they figure out that you're going to put the rain cover on. That's were the beauty of the Urban Bundle Me comes in.

This is one of my all-time favorite baby gear items. The simple elastic and velcro closures on the back enables it to works (with a little creativity) with almost every car seat and stroller out there.

There is plenty of room for an extra blanket (or snow pants) inside if you need it. Also, the top "blanket" of the BundleMe easily zips off for warmer days. But that zipper also ensures that on cold days you can zip it right up to their chin and (until they figure out how to do zippers) they're bundled in all snug and all warm.

Oh yeah, and it goes in the washer AND the dryer.

You can usually find it for less than $40 - $70 on JJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me">Amazon.com - especially if you're flexible about color.

A great tip - skip the infant size and go for the toddler size. At most, you'll only use the infant size for a year, but you can tuck the extra fabric from the toddler size in and get 2-4 years worth of wear out of it.