Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Review: Boon Squirt feeding spoon

Ah, Boon.  Beautiful contemporary design.  Continued botched execution.  Ok, so that could be the review right there.  Here is the long version.

The Boon Squirt spoon is a great concept.  A spoon that self fills so you don't have to keep dipping it into the baby food jar.  Brilliant!  

Except: a) you need two hands to unscrew it or fill it or take the storage cap off the spoon part, b) you can only fill it with very smooth foods (i.e. 1st foods), c) you need to use a spoon to get the baby food into the Squirt, and d) if you're serving cereal you'll need to mix it in a bowl with a spoon then load it in the Squirt.  When you have a hungry baby howling for dinner a) and b) are deal breakers.  Also, if you do the math, c) and d) just made more dirty dishes for you. 

Again, it is always easier to find faults in something versus design it perfectly.  I just wish Boon would put these concepts or models in front of a focus group of moms before they bring them to market so they could engineer around these pitfalls.  Then what was a great, innovative concept could really be a solid meal changing invention (no pun intended).  Instead it is just another baby spoon in the back of the drawer.

Review: Phil&Ted Wriggle Wrapper

The Need:  Something small enough to fit in a purse/diaperbag that can substitute for a highchair.

The Solution: The Wriggle Wrapper 

(no, that's not me in the photo, this is stock footage)

I just ordered the P&T Wriggle Wrapper and LOVE it.  It is a simple, compact solution for wrangling a squirmy baby/small toddler. This is a great solution for when a kid who is too small for a high chair, no high chair is available or when the high chair in question is, well, questionable. 

We used it in a restaurant for breakfast, in an airport lounge, sitting at the table reading the paper and just about anywhere else we could think of.  For all the on-lap applications it was great.  Easy to put on (even one handed), easy to adjust, comfortable for the tot (who is psyched to be sitting on your lap AND at the table) and easy to wipe clean.

Apparently you can also use it alone on a chair or as a substitute for a crib/bedrail, but we haven't (and probably won't) test those options out.  For the "hand's free" option alone it has more than earned it's keep.  I would put this on my "must have" list for parents of 2 under 2.