Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Favs - Oh my achin' knees!

If these bath kneelers EVER come back in stock on Amazon (I've been waiting for my 2nd set for the in-laws house for 2 months) order them!  They are the best ones I've tried.  They are extra cushy and even have a removable insert in the upper part so you can use on a tub with sliding doors.  They come in 5 colors (the four shown plus graphite).  They are totally worth $35.

Quick Favs - Travel Bouncer

I LOVE this travel bouncer from One Step Ahead.  It has all the features of a regular boucner (vibration, music, etc.), easily folds/unfolds, stows in a handy carrying bag and is light enough to schlepp to a playdate a 1/4 mile away (or throw in the back seat of your car).  This was key for Tot #2 at Tot #1's playdates.  Also, at $39.95 you can't beat the price!