Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best Baby Shower Gifts

So a few people lately have asked me what is the best baby shower gift?  My first answer is check their registry (Babies R Us, Target, BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, Magic Beans, Giggle,  etc.).   If you know a few other people going to the same shower, its nice to all go in on a large gift together (or better yet a large gift card to the store she's registered at).

If they don't have a registry or you don't like what they've registered for - which is totally fine - my favorite baby shower gift is a giant box of diapers.

Go to Target, Walmart, or Costco and pick up the largest box of size 1 diapers that fits in your budget.  If your budget covers two boxes, get size 1 and size 1-2.  Any experienced mom will tell you that you can always make a size 1 diaper fit and this is the size that you will go through the most of.  I'm a fan of Pampers since they make extra soft, very absorbent newborn diapers.  But Pampers vs. Huggies is sort of like asking a mom which is better red or blue.

Everyone loves to give cute little clothes (in tiny, tiny sizes because they always seem cuter) or adorable stuffed animals.  Unfortunately all a newborn really wears for the first few months are basic onesies and a lot of those adorable little clothes will never get worn.  Most of the stuffed animals - no matter how cute - will gather dust and drive the future parents crazy for years to come.  Go for the practical bet.

Plus, a giant box of diapers when it is all wrapped up looks like a very large, very fancy gift.  And you know that at 3am some morning they'll thank you for them.

If you're invited to a shower across town, or across the country, and you can't make it in person you can send a giant box of diapers from directly to the new mom-to-be.  If you spend more than $49 they ship for free (if you're a Delta Skymiles member you can also get miles for ordering them by clicking through the link on Skymiles Shopping).

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  1. This is the post I've been waiting for! Thanks for these great tips!