Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: Skip*Hop Zoo Lunchies

The new Skip*Hop Zoo Lunchies are a cute set of soft insulated lunchboxes.  The size is just right for a juicebox/milkbox, sandwich and a piece of fruit.  This is about the right size for a toddler or young child's lunch. 

The size and shape is almost identical to the Skip*Hop 3 Bottle Bag including the interior pocket for silverware/icepacks, but the Zoo Lunchies lack the two exterior pockets.  It does feature a very handy flip-open lid (unlike the 3 Bottle Bag which only has a top zip).

Tot #1 and Tot #2 both have Lunchies to match their backpacks.  It's tough to say if they have more fun dragging them around the apartment and filling them with toys or opening them up at lunch (or dinner or occasionally breakfast) and seeing what I packed for them.  The whole "lunchbox" idea has infused some new fun into our lunchtime routine.  Somehow a sandwich is much tastier when it's shaped like a heart and stuffed in your lunchbox.  Ditto with a sippy of chocolate milk.

Thankfully - unlike the Zoo Mitts - the Lunchies are available in designs to match all six of the Zoo Pack backpacks.  In a pinch you could easily fit the Lunchie into to the backpack with enough extra room for a favorite lovie, a sack of Matchbox cars or maybe a pair of Crocs, but not - say - a bicycle helmet.  Good to note, the exterior material is identical to the Zoo Packs and easily wipes clean (as does the interior which is identical to the 3 Bottle Bag).

For $13 this is a fun addition to our spring/summer eating routine.

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